Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coffee Bean Make Up Brush Holder Tutorial

This DIY post is a simple one, but imbued with vainglory nonetheless.

I am not a morning person. Some days it is just hard to get up and go. I'm constantly looking for ways to make my AM routine easier and perkier. I got the idea from my friend Funaek at Lil Smug Pug to incorporate sipping an iced coffee into my morning make up ritual. Brilliant! This usually works to  start my day wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, but sometimes even the promise of iced coffee isn't enough to motivate me.

I've only recently acquired the taste of coffee, but I'd always been able to appreciate coffee-related pleasures like coffee-flavored ice cream, coffee liquor, and the smell of coffee beans. This project seems like the perfect way to organize and energize my bathroom AND the materials are cheap.

The materials you'll need:
A clear glass or acrylic jar
Your make up brushes
1 pound of coffee beans (I might have almost bought ground coffee by accident. Don't do that.)


I'm really pleased with how it looks in my bathroom. My goal with the bathroom is to make it as spa-like as possible. Pics will be shared when said bathroom achieves a recognizable level of spa-ness!

Et voila!
This project has made me realize that I need to beef up my make up brush collection. A friend of mine swears by regular paint brushes and claims that make up brushes are exactly the same, just with a huge mark up. 

Has anyone ever used paint brushes for make up?

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