Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newspaper Nails Tutorial

Painting my own nails has become something of a hobby recently.  I still love a good mani/pedi session at a salon, especially if BYOB and girlfriends are involved, but now I find satisfaction and relaxation in the art of painting my own nails.

Today's DIY project is simple and sure to fill you with vainglory. I present: Newspaper Nails!
Pic and tutorial (if you habla francais) from La Passion du Nail Art

You're going to need: a newspaper, a pair of scissors, a neutral shade of nail polish, a base coat and top coat, some alcohol (I used vodka), and a small bowl

Prep work: Cut out 10 strips of newspaper which contain text that are about 2 inches square. Then fill your shallow bowl with enough alcohol so that you can submerge your finger.

Step 1: Paint your nails, but leave off the top coat. Allow the nail polish to dry.
I use Sand Tropez by Essie
 Step 2: Dip fingernail in alcohol for 3 - 5 seconds.

 Step 3: Gently but firmly place strips of newspaper on your now alcohol soaked nail. Be sure not to push down too hard or you may smudge your nail polish. I usually hold the paper on for about 5 - 10 seconds.
Hold paper firmly in place so that the text doesn't blur
Another shot of my paper-holding technique
 Step 4: Carefully peel the paper off.  If you see your nail polish stick to the paper and come off with it,  repaint the nail and try again.
Peeling the paper off slooooowly is the key!
Step 5: If satisfied, paint the nail with top coat and then you're done!
Ugh! I messed up! Now what? If you're unhappy with the results, say if the text smudged, then it's a pretty easy do-over. Dab a cotton swab with nail polish remover and gently swipe the nail. With a light touch the newspaper print should come off and the base color nail polish should stay on. Repaint the nail, if desired, then try again when the nail is dry.  You'll be a pro at this in no time!
Don't sweat about the newspaper text bleeding onto your skin, that's an easy fix

I always get some ink on or around my fingers. Just go ahead and paint the top coat and when you're satisfied that the top coat has set, then you'll find that the ink stains come out of the skin easily with a good scrubbing and your beautiful nails remain!

Now marvel at your handiwork!

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